2K Unveils Three New Bioshock Games

New Bioshock GameLast week fans of the popular video game Bioshock were stunned to learn that Irrational Games, the studio which created the franchise, was shutting down. In a press release on the Irrational Games website CEO Ken Levine announced “I’m handing the reins of our creation, theBioShock universe, to 2K Games.”  The future of the Bioshock series was uncertain in the days following the announcement, but today 2K announced that a new trilogy of Bioshock games is already under development by three new development teams.

At a press conference this morning Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K said “The Bioshock series already has three of the best games of the modern era, and we intend to keep that legacy alive for years to come with dozens of new games set in the Bioshock universe. First up is Bioshock: Columbia Cart Racing

The new game will be a Wii-U exclusive that “Lets players explore the flying city of Columbia by racing through its streets in fully-customizable go karts. Join Booker, Elizabeth, Comstock and all their other friends for the wackiest racing game on any Nintendo system.”  The new game will feature maps based on locations from Bioshock Infinite, and customers who pre-order from Best Buy will receive a bonus underwater level set in Rapture.

Hartmann also revealed screenshots for Bioshock: In-Fashion. “Elizabeth has been called one of the best female video game characters of all time.  Since Bioshock Infinite was first released, players have begged for a game where they can play as the sassy heroine, and this Spring gamers will be able to control Elizabeth as she embarks on a stylish adventure that leads her from the towers of Columbia to the streets of Paris.” said Hartmann.

Bioshock In Fashion

“Players can dress Elizabeth in hundreds of outfits, and even create their own fashions to upload and share with their friends on Facebook. Will Elizabeth realize her dream of strutting the catwalk at a Parisian fashion show? Find out this Spring with Bioshock: In-Fashion.” Although an exact release date was not available, 2K have confirmed that Bioshock: In-Fashion will come out for iPhone and iPad in the second quarter of 2014, and will be available on Android by Fall 2014.

The final game unveiled was Andrew Ryan’s Golden Golf Championship, a free-to-play title coming to Xbox One in 2015.  Players will create a customizable “Slicer” augmented with plasmids that are purchased with in-game currency.  Premium plasmids and golf clubs can be purchased with “Columbia Kredz” that can bought with real-world money.

The game uses the Xbox Kinect to “Immerse Bioshock fans in an undersea minigolf experience only possible with the power of the Kinect” according to Hartmann. “Gamers will compete with other players online, showing off their golf skills and their epic loot. Earn rare items through hard work, or use our ‘Pay to Win’ system.  Either way Golden Golf Championship is a game that would make Andrew Ryan proud.”

Ken Levine was unavailable for comment on the new trilogy, but 2k  has proven that Bioshock will remain a presence in the gaming landscape for years to come. DoEE.us will have more on these titles as they approach launch.



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