Bioware Staff Disappointed by Ending of Mass Effect 3 User Review

Many members of Bioware’s development team have responded negatively to a user review of their most recent game Mass Effect 3, expressing tremendous disappointment in how the review ends.    The review, written by Amazon customer Cane Thomas begins with intriguing, well-written commentary on the Mass Effect series and the author’s own personal experiences in playing Bioware’s games.  It then begins an intricate examination of the artistic and technical merits and flaws of the game, but the final paragraphs take the review in a new direction which has met with great disapproval from Bioware.

Mass Effect 3’s writer Casey Hudson tweeted “i spent minutes reading this review only to be completely ripped off by the worst ending ever   i wanted to read a rievew of the game and he starts talking about his exwife and his kid.  My dog can write a better review”

Bioware Co-founder Greg Zeschuk wrote on his Facebook page: “Im sooo boycotting Cane Thomas’s next review!!!!  How can i trust his next work after this horrific letdown?”

Dr. Ray Musyka, Bioware’s other co-founder has created a Facebook page demanding that the end of the review be rewritten so that it lives up to the expectations of Cane Thomas’ many fans.

Although the DoEE contacted Thomas about the possibility of a revised ending, Thomas has not responded at this time.


*The Doee is a satire website, not affiliated with any government agency.

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