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Now this is how red-blooded Americans make games, citizens!  America’s greatest enemy is not robots, zombies, Russians or terrorists.  America’s greatest enemy has and always has been the Redcoats.  The entire Second Amendment was written to keep the British from waltzing back into our nation, so the Department of Electronic Entertainment is damned proud to see an indie developer create a game where freedom-loving colonial children fight off the redcoats.

Children of Liberty by Lantana games lets players choose from four different playable characters who are recruited by Samuel Adams for stealth missions against the fiendish British invaders.  Each of these children is out to rescue their parents, and must engage in a series of stealth/ platforming missions set in Colonial Boston.  The characters each have a unique set of abilities, with some being more agile, while others seem better suited to combat or stealth.

A playable alpha build is available online now, it runs on Unity so it can be played right on your browser.  Only two characters can be selected, but the alpha will give players a taste of what’s to come.  So far players have seen Joseph, a boy with a double jump and the ability to attack from the shadows with a wooden sword, and Ally, a nimble gymnast with a slide move to trip enemies.  Other characters coming in the future will be Doug, the tank character, and Sarah who is described as a Colonial Ninja.

There are two playable levels shown in the alpha, a warehouse, and a waterfront.  Both have hand-drawn art and so do the characters.  Gameplay is 2D sidescrolling platforming, with levels that show of basic jumping and climbing mechanics with a bit of stealth and combat too. Stealth is activated in certain sections by hitting an action button and both characters have stealth abilities, although Joseph can launch an instant takedown when attacking from the shadows.  The two characters each have distinct moves, like Joseph’s double jump which makes the platforming a little easier, and Ally’s slide attack helps her get through groups of Redcoats without loosing stride.

This alpha build is in a primitive state with very little sound, and only a few minutes of gameplay.  However it’s more than enough to showcase the core mechanics and art style that will be used in the full game.

Lantana Games is currently accepting pre-orders for the game, but is also taking donations that will provide rewards (Kickstarter-style) and these include anything from a digital copy of the game, a physical Collector’s Edition, up to an invitation to the Launch Party.

They’ll be showing the latest version of it in person at the Penny Arcade Expos in Boston from April 6th through the 8th.  We here at the Department of Electronic Entertainment are looking forward to playing this virtual revolution, and feel that it’s every American’s patriotic duty to visit the Lantana Games website and spend a few minutes playing Children of Liberty.  If you can’t spare a few minutes out of your day for this, you hate freedom!

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