Do you have what it takes to join the DoEE? If you’re an expert in video games, and have law enforcement experience, you might be ready to join our Omega Strike Team, or contribute to the site as a Special Agent. Email us samples of your work.

Thomas Jackson: Department Chief Jackson was instrumental in forming the Department of Electronic Entertainment following the widespread civil unrest which occurred in 2004 during the Grand Theft Auto “Hot Coffee” sex scandal. With over forty years of public service, Chief Jackson knows better than any man the truth of the DoEE motto: “National Defense is no game“.

Charles Battersby: Special Agent Battersby is a decorated veteran of the DoEE, having served the country with distinction during the Covenant invasion, the Raccoon City outbreak, and the Rikti assault on Paragon City.

Gunther Alvarez: Special Agent Alvarez is the leader of the DoEE’s Omega Strike Team. Alvarez and the OST respond to challenges that are the most complex, critical, and urgent. Highly trained, specially equipped, always prepared, the OST is here to defend the country from all virtual threats.

Gwendolyn Barnes: Deputy Agent Wendy is the top ranking civilian consultant at the DoEE, and our youngest staff member.  Ask your parents about  joining our Deputy Agent program.



*The United States Department of Electronic Entertainment is a humor site, not affiliated with any government agency.