It Is Your Patriotic Duty To Buy This Game

Previously the Department of Electronic Entertainment reported on the economic value of buying the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, but it seems that our warnings went unheeded!  Because America failed to abide by this department’s fiscal guidelines, the state of Rhode Island is facing an economic crisis.  

The developer behind Amalur, 38 Studios, is located in Rhode Island and is financed by a $75 million dollar loan from that state’s government, but the company has not been able to make payments on that loan.  This leaves the taxpayers of Rhode Island holding the bag at a time when those tax dollars could be spent on Law Enforcement, the National Guard, and anti-terrorism initiatives.

Although the company has a new fantasy MMO scheduled for 2013, their only product that is currently available for purchase is Kingdoms of Amalur.   It’s not a bad game either.  It has an 80 out of 100 score on Metacritic and was created with the help of comic book illustrator Todd McFarlane,  and fantasy writer R.A. Salvatore.

Sure, it’s no Skyrim, but Skyrim is published by Bethesda who are based in the state of Maryland.  Maryland will get along fine without your help, but Rhode Island needs you to buy a copy of Kingdoms of Amalur now!

Mark my words America, if you don’t buy this game, thousands of Rhode Islanders will die.


38 Studios folded on May 24th.  IP rights to Amalur are most likely going to Rhode Island.

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