Microsoft Unveils $20 Xbox

Last week Microsoft announced that they are releasing a $99 version of their Xbox 360 which requires buyers to commit to pay a $15 per month subscription fee for two years, thus bringing the total amount to $460.  Uninformed consumers immediately praised the announcement, prompting Microsoft to expand the program to include a $20 version of the Xbox 360 with a 53-year subscription plan.

“These are tough economic times” said a Microsoft press spokesman earlier today “Who knows how much Sony will be charging per month for Playstation Network this time next year, but our new Xbox subscription model means that Microsoft customers, and their descendants for generations to come, can be secure in their knowledge that they’ll only have to pay $15 per month.  And they have the comfort of knowing that price is guaranteed for the next 636 months”.

Shoppers who prefer to not do research or basic math are delighted by the offer.  “My nephew wants a Nintendo 3DS, but the man at Best Buy says I cam get an Xbox for twenty dollars.” said Eudora Jenkins of Moosejaw FL, “That leaves me enough money to get the extended warranty and a copy of Duke Nukem Forever for little Tyler.”

This special Xbox subscription service will also include Kinect support so that customers can use voice and motion-based controls to pay the early cancellation fees.


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