New Video Game Is Not An al-Qaeda Propaganda Plot

This week Paradox Interactive released a trailer for the new expansion pack to their historical strategy game Crusader Kings II.  The game previously allowed players to wage war against the Muslim world by re-enacting the Crusades, but the newly-announced Sword of Islam expansion allows players to take control of Muslim armies and assault Europe.  The U.S. Department of Electronic Entertainment has thoroughly investigated the product and can confirm that this is not a cunning plan to indoctrinate America’s youth into Islamic Extremism.

The original version of Crusader Kings II let players control a series of European Lords beginning in the year 1066 and defend Europe against foes including Muslims, Mongols and rival nation-states.

The new content will let gamers experience the other side of the Crusades  by “delivering a wealth of specific new mechanics distinctive to these rulers, creating a whole new gameplay experience. Laws, marriage, holding, traits , titles and more will work completely differently”.

This “Whole new gameplay experience” apparently does not include strategic tips on destroying America.  The DLC pack arrives for PC and Mac in June and will cost $9.99.  Crusader Kings II is also receiving a free patch to version 1.06 at the same time the DLC releases.

The DoEE Video Game Threat System remains at level Yellow with no anticipated gaming threats between now and the release of Grand Theft Auto V.

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