Obama Has Revealed Our Existence To The Public

The Following Department Briefing has been de-classified as per the Freedom of Information Act and is now available for public viewing:

“Agents, by now you should all be aware that the White House has made the existence of the Department of Electronic Entertainment public.  Despite my objections, the DoEE will now be operating with a greater degree of transparency, and will immediately cease all black ops initiatives, including the planned [REDACTED] of [REDACTED].  Those bastards will never know how lucky they are.

As of April 1st, we will be openly performing our duties in safeguarding America’s youth, advising parents, and ensuring that the video game industry and press maintain a high standard of ethics.

One more thing; “Operation Pandora Spear” will be placed on indefinite hold.  Please return your scuba gear and parachutes to the quartermaster by 17:00.  Dismissed.”

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About Department Chief Jackson

Department Chief Jackson was instrumental in forming the Department of Electronic Entertainment following the widespread civil unrest which occurred in 2007 during the Mass Effect sex scandal. With over forty years of public service, Chief Jackson knows better than any man the truth of the DoEE motto: “National Defense is no game“.
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