Resident Evil Revelations Intel Dossier

The following document has been de-classified as per the Freedom of Information Act:  Good afternoon agents:  Next month Capcom will be releasing Resident Evil Revelations to the general public.  As most of you are aware, this software was initially developed as a training simulation for dealing with [REDACTED] outbreaks in [REDACTED] but has been converted into a video game and sold for entertainment purposes.  A downloadable demo for the game has been made available for free via the 3DS eStore.  We obtained access and have prepared the following report regarding its quality.

First of all, this is not the same demo that came with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries.3D, but rather an all-new adventure for Jill Valentine.  It has numerous features not seen in the previous demo, and takes place in a different and larger area.

Graphically the new demo is identical to the older one, but gameplay is a little different.  In the old demo Jill’s health would slowly regenerate, at the time I had hoped this would mean a change away from the use of health packs, but in this new demo, the traditional Resident Evil herbs are used for healing.  The regenerating health feature is no longer present, although one may hope it appears in another section of the game.


Something not found in the previous RE game on the 3DS is the use of gyroscopic aiming.  This is a common feature found in iPhone shooters where the game uses motion-sensors in the device to let players aim by moving the 3DS.  This is an optional control scheme, but a very well-implemented one, and the game played much better when using this scheme.

People who played The Mercenaries 3D will recall that that game incorporated the ability to move while shooting, something not seen before in a Resident Evil game (Aside from the obscure Outbreak File 2).  In Revelations this strafing ability returns, but it is now combined with the gyroscopic controls to provide the full range of moving and aiming, just like other third-person shooters.  The effect is much like the Dead Space games.  Revelations will also use the upcoming circle pad add on to provide the same sort of controls for players who don’t wish to use the gyroscope.


Another useful feature is a dedicated knife/grenade button, a welcomed addition to the franchise.  The designers have lumped these together as “Secondary Weapons”, so players have the choice between easy access to the knife, or grenade, but not both.  The demo uses one kind of grenade, but recent RE games have had fire and flash grenades which will hopefully appear in the full game.

A noteworthy option is a menu that lets players increase the intensity if the 3D effects beyond the usual settings of the device.  This has a High and Very High setting, and when playing on Very High with the slider at the maximum position the game creates an amazing sense of depth; inventory items appear to pop out, first person targeting is much more exciting and the blood splatter effect when wounded becomes more gruesome.  Unfortunately this also aggravates the eye strain that often comes with the device.


Resident Evil Revelations is the first downloadable demo for the 3DS, and as a free item is definitely worth the time and effort to download it.  As a demo for the upcoming game, it provides an impressive sample of the new mechanics and classic Resident Evil gameplay.  Revelations comes out exclusively for 3DS on February 7th.  It has ESRB rating of M for Mature and a DoEE Age Rating of E-17.  The demo is available now.


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