Steam Raises Prices By 400% Overnight

Steam raises pricesToday gamers suffered a shock as the popular digital distributor Steam increased the prices of many of its products by as much as 400%.  Games such as the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider were selling for $9.99 only yesterday but have now rocketed to over four times that price at a staggering $49.99.

Stunned gamers weighed in their disbelief. Long time Steam customers Nicolas Hauser of New York City told our correspondent “They raised the price of the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3 from five dollars up to twenty!  With a hundred hours of gameplay Steam is essentially asking me to pay twenty cents per hour of entertainment now.  It’s unthinkable!  I’m giving up PC games and spending my money on movie tickets from now on!”

Video game fan Elizabeth Levine of Columbia Ohio added “System Shock 2 was just two dollars last week, but now it’s gone up to a whopping ten dollars on Steam!  That’s highway robbery!  I’m definitely buying my copy of System Shock 2 at Wallmart.”

Gabe Newel, the founder of Valve Corporation (Parent company of Steam) addressed representatives of the press shortly after the price increase.  “The game industry was hit particularly hard by the latest economic downturn and we here at Steam have had no choice but to drastically raise our prices” said Newel.  “We know that many of our customers are outraged by our decision to raise the price of games like Sid Meier’s Civilization V from $7.49 up to $29.99, but we do hope that is just a temporary situation and that we’ll be able to return to our regular prices by Spring.”

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