We Will Assist Umbrella With “Operation Raccoon City”

The following Department Briefing has been declassified and is now available for public viewing as per the Freedom of Information Act:

“Agents, I regret to inform you that the Umbrella Corporation recently contacted the White House, seeking federal support for their upcoming initiative “Operation Raccoon City”.   Although this Department is strongly opposed to Umbrella’s methods, we have been ordered to provide them any assistance requested.

The project code-named Operation Raccoon City will involve Umbrella sending six special operatives from their Security Service into a town suffering from contamination  by a biological weapon.  The town of [REDACTED] will hereafter be referred to as “Raccoon City”.  Most likely someone at the Department of Necrotic Affairs pulled some strings to get out of this, and now the DoEE is stuck working alongside the Umbrella Security Service Team.

Off the record, though we will engage is any actions we can to expose the criminal activities committed by the company.  Umbrella has a lengthy history of unethical and occasionally illegal behavior.  This is our chance to nail those bastards to the wall for what happened on Rockfort Island back in the 60’s!

Our Omega Strike Force will send in six agents to assist with the operation, however, unlike our associates at Umbrella, we will operate under strict Rules of Engagement.  Agents, you will not fire on non-zombified civilians unless they fire on you first.  Settle down, none of us wants a repeat of what happened in Spain back in 2004.  That young man’s family are still pursuing a wrongful death suit against the department over your actions.

Secondly, do not kill any local law enforcement officers under any condition!  I’m sure some of you are looking for payback against Officer Leon Kennedy.  His actions rightfully got him booted out of the DoEE, but that does not justify the amount of paperwork we’ll need to do if we kill him in cold blood.

We have prepared a virtual simulation of the mission for you to use in training.  Once the actual mission is complete, we plan to release the simulation as a video game that will be available for consumer electronic devices.  This will be released under the title “Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City”. Don’t worry, agents, your likenesses will not be used for the game, but rather a fictional team os generic U.S. Spec Ops agents.

Aside from a single-player campaign, there will be a multiplayer component that pits the fictional Spec Ops against Umbrella agents.  Unfortunately, this will only heighten the widespread belief that Umbrella is merely a fictional company.

The operation begins at 04:00 hours agents; I’ll expect to see you all on the helipad before dawn.  Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will become available on March 20th, and comes out for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  The Xbox edition has an exclusive “Nemesis Mode” that allows players to play as the Nemesis villain character in multiplayer.  More on the insidious activities of the Umbrella Corporation can be found on their website.”

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