Zynga Announces “Battleville”

Zynga has seen a drastic decline in its profits over the past month following its IPO. Further plaguing the troubled company is a copyright infringement lawsuit from Electronic Arts over Zynga’s  game The Ville which EA claims The Ville is a copy of EA’s popular social game The Sims Social.  However Zynga is out to demonstrate that it is capable of creating new and original forms of gaming without stealing ideas from other companies.  Today Zynga announced its next social game, Battleville.

Described by Zynga’s PR department as a “Completely unique and innovative online game that allows players the opportunity to experience modern military shooting on their computer”, Battleville is intended to entice hardcore gamers into trying Zynga’s trademark gameplay mechanics.

Battleville, will be Zynga’s first game to use a 3D engine.  In it, online soldiers will compete to capture strategic points on a map, with each player having thirty rounds of free ammunition to shoot each day, while more ammunition can be acquired by purchasing it with Zynga coins (Which are paid for will real money) or through gifts from friends on social media sites like Facebook.

“We’re very excited about Battleville and our entire line of new games” said a Zynga spokesman this morning at their press conference, “And we’re confident that they will put to rest any claims that our company has ever violated the copyright of another game publisher.”

Battleville is set for release in the fall of 2012 along with other new Zynga titles including the fantasy game Ville of Warcraft, the free-roaming sandbox title Grand Theft Auto Vice Ville, and the survival horror game Resident E-Ville.

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