Zynga Announces Brokerville

After an unsuccessful IPO last week, casual game company Zynga has announced a new Facebook game in the hopes that this will raise the company’s standing for potential investors.  The new game, Brokerville lets Zynga fans experience the excitement of investing in a virtual company using the familiar interface and gameplay mechanics found in Zynga’s classics like Farmville, Castleville, and Cityville.

The new product, Brokerville has a vast, immersive world of wacky financial experts who will assist players in exciting activities as they work their way up from an office assistant for a stock broker, to running the biggest Brokerage firm in the town of Brokerville.

Most content in the game is free, but in order to purchase shares in any of the virtual companies, players need to spend Zynga Coins which cost real-world money.  For just 15 coins (About $9.00 USD) players can buy a share in any fictional company they like.

The DoEE’s chief Financial Analyst advises “At this point, the wise consumer is much better off investing in Zynga Coins, rather than Zynga stock.  The coins will at least be usable for securing unicorn food and virtual turnip seeds.”

With a development period of nearly six days, Brokerville is Zynga’s most ambitious project to date.  Brokerville will be available Q1 2012 for Facebook, iOS and Android.


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